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Tacoma Boys and H&L Produce are locally owned markets which not only feature fantastic local produce at its peak of freshness, but are also like a treasure hunt of good things you won't find in big box stores. We are a fun place to shop with great prices and a super-friendly and knowledgeable staff who take pride in our excellent customer service. All three of our stores are open year round!

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Chocolate covered strawberry

Dreaming of the perfect
Valentine's Day?

We are at the heart of Valentine's celebrations.
Shopping for your sweetheart begins
at Tacoma Boys and H&L Produce.

Forget about that boring box of drug store chocolates. At Tacoma Boys and H&L Produce we've got what it takes to make your sweetheart feel special. It's easy! Start with chocolate covered strawberries, add a bouquet of roses or spring flowers and last, but not least, take home a wonderful bottle of wine or champagne*. We've got steak and lobster too! Don't forget the kids - they'll love our handmade fudge!

*wine and champagne only available at Tacoma Boys locations.

Valentine's Bouquet
Honey Crisp Apples

Brand New Crop
Honey Crisp Apples
Only $1.99 lb

These local apples are super crunchy, healthy and delicious.


Winter Pansies
10 for $15

These cute and hardy little flowers will provide color for your garden, Fall through Spring! Plant and establish them now and they'll survive freezing weather and snow.

Quality is Always
a Better Buy

We stock the staples you need: milk, produce, local eggs, butter (including specialty butters) and a wide variety of organic foods. You will love our full service butcher shop with the finest cuts and steaks, the freshest seafood and a full line of deli meats and sausages.

Our markets are packed with items for a gourmet meal, such as gourmet cheeses, imported specialty foods, our olive bar, imported Italian pastas and sauces, over 4,000 varieties of wine, beers from around the world and gourmet chocolate bars and other decadent desserts.

We specialize in featuring items made and grown locally, such as our Tacoma Boys chips and handmade salsas, our handmade fudge, Tacoma Boys handmade jams and jellies, dried fruits and nuts, local eggs, local fresh produce and locally grown frozen fruits and vegetables.

Our market nurseries are among the best in town, with a huge selection of well-cared-for, in-season plants, flowers and hanging baskets. We stock a large inventory of high quality ceramic pots in a variety of sizes, and they are always "buy one get one free."

Tacoma Boys - H&L Produce

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Our Super Special!


Choose from an outstanding selection of sizes, shapes and colors!
free ones of equal or lesser value
Special good until further notice.

Fruits and Vegetables


It's a resolution we all strive for in the new year and rightly so! Nothing is more important than our health and that of our family and friends. At Tacoma Boys and H&L we stock healthy!

Valentines Day is Coming!
Gift Basket - Fruit

Gift Baskets!
Any size, Any Price!

Tell us what you'd like to spend and we'll create a basket for a personalized gift. They're perfect for friends and neighbors, customers, and for the special person hosting holiday parties/dinners. We can even wrap and top it with a handmade bow (extra charge applies).

Read more about our Gift Baskets here.

Fuji Apples

New Crop, Amazing Price!

Fuji Apples Only $.60 lb
or $20 for 40 lb Box!!

Fuji Apples

Gluten Free

Looking for a fantastic variety of Gluten Free items? Come see us! Our selection of these life healthy products is HUGE and growing everyday!

As a local small business, we so appreciate the support of our customers!! Thank you very much for choosing us - we are grateful and will continue to work hard every day to provide you with nothing but the best shopping experience!